INCA - Nutrition Education APP

Armazém da Saúde (Health Grocery Store) is an application for the National Cancer Institute of Brazil. Developed in partnership with the Technical area of the Institute, the content is based on the latest evidence on the promotion of healthy nutrition and cancer prevention. 

Simple to use, great for anyone who seeks to know more about healthy eating and to prevent chronic non-communicable diseases, such as cancer. It is an interactive and fun activity that aims to disseminate information about food, and stimulate healthy eating behaviors.

App Easy Mobile Augmented Reality

The EasyM AR application is the ideal assistant for consumers of the brand. Quick and easy, consumers can view details of each product, access their manuals, watch videos and listen to informative audio. They can also view photos and, through the Augmented Reality function, visualize products in real size and in different colors before acquiring them.

App LeYa Augmented Reality

With this augmented reality application, LeYa Brasil brings the reader even closer to their books! Using only your mobile phone, you will have access to exclusive content: your favorite authors will jump from the book covers to present their works, tell behind-the-scenes stories, read excerpts and other surprises. Come and see the new reality of LeYa!

Skyhawk VR Experience

Have you ever pictured yourself flying like a hawk?

Skyhawk VR is a unique experience in the technological world of the world’s largest HD manufacturer, Seagate!

An unforgettable and impacting ride for the user. People will not just imagine themselves flying like a hawk, they will remember the feeling of flying like a hawk because of Skyhawk’s vision.

O Rastro - VR Experience

First marketing campaign with Virtual Reality made for a Brazilian film. The experience uses Oculus Rift and immerses the participant in a terrifying environment!

Firecuda VR Experience

You were chosen to save the seas from a terrible monster!
But you will not be alone, the Firecuda will guide you and help you in this mission.
An adventure in virtual reality in the deepness of the sea. A perfect way to showcase Seagate’s Firecuda HD for an audience avid for emotions!

Virtual Reality experience created for Seagate for its booth at Brazil Game Show 2017.

VR Training - Lifting Platform

A Virtual Reality , developed in partnership with AFFERO LAB.

A Controlled environment where you can simulate all the tools and difficulties that can be found in the real environment.




We created the first AR exclusive catalog for an electronics company in Brazil.
The user can view the products in their actual size before buying them, plus all information, videos, technical assistance and more.




A partnership between Akom Studio and the creator Mariana Kanbara

Fabulinhas is a transmedia project that encompasses a collection of books + Animation of the illustrations of the book (APP) + Games + Animation short movies.

Real Estate Mkt - Augmented Reality

Development of an App for the launch of a real estate project.
(Pontal de Muriqui condominium in Rio de Janeiro).

The user can visualize the houses in 3d and see animations and mockups in Augmented Reality. An incredible tool for promoting the venture.



Zoing Boom!

Zoing Boom! is a dynamic and intelligent game that combines strategy and luck, guaranteeing loads of fun. When mining an abandoned mine, a miner accidentally exposes a space-time rift that opens a portal to a parallel universe. Through there, the Zoing Monsters arise, devouring creatures of planets. These monsters have invaded our world and now our hero must use his bombs to prevent them from destroying the Earth.



Anatomical visualization APP

PalpEasy System I is the only interactive application for the study of palatal anatomical. It has a unique 3D interface that allows visualization and access to the points of the body. The palpations are shown in video, containing the references and the necessary parameters for its accomplishment, besides the diagnostic and therapeutic importance. There are more than 50 videos displaying the palpations simultaneously in the skeleton and in the human body.